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Help your friends make quick decisions.

Vote by tapping on the photos you like. One vote can make a huge impact. People often struggle with their decisions. By sharing your thoughts with them, you can genuinely help them.

Creating your own dvel takes a few seconds

1. Open dvel.
2. Take two photos.
That’s it. dvel does the rest.
We love hashtags. Add short captions and hashtags to get the best out of your experience. #whattowear, #wheretogo, #whattoeat are just some of our favorite ones.
Feel free to create your own.

Build your community

Create an interesting profile and connect with your followers. Discover amazing dvels and get inspired by browsing your friends profiles.

Share private dvels with your closest friends.

How it works

You rock! Thanks and keep voting in the app.

Download the app and create your own amazing dvels.

#see you in dvel

Why people love dvel.

Typical social media platforms do not create any valueable benefit for me. Thats why I love dvel. Everytime i use dvel i get value out of it, either i help people or they help me with my decisions almost instant.

Patrick, 24, Linz (Austria)

dvel is a great alternative when you have doubts that you can bring pictures. And it's also awesome to help other people by a simple click to help them make decisions. Dvel is an application simple and intuitived, i love it!

Lara, 17, La Rochelle (France)

dvel takes collaboration to the decision making process in a an attractive and intuitive way. It's useful, it's fun and it will make users happy globally!

Alexis, 43, Vienna (Austria)

It's so much fun and makes a girl's life so much easier in her toughest decisions concerning fashion

Stefanie, 27, Linz (Austria)

Gold or Blue? Stones or Beatles? Going out or staying in? Dvel is the fastest and easiest way to get instant feedback on everyday decisions. Who knew decisions could be fun?

Andreas, 28, Vienna (Austria)

dvel means decisions digitized - through visuals and social connectivity

Alexander, 46, Vienna (Austria)

It's an amazing app makes your decisions easy, including your friends. I love the design!

Jenny, 24, Vienna (Austria)

I use dvel every day, because it makes so much fun to help people with their decisions

Chris, 24, Linz (Austria)